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Did you know, today 75% of businesses use automation in some way? Businesses that implement marketing automation experience an average of a 451% increase in qualified leads? Use of lead nurturing through marketing automation saw 15-20% of potential buyers that were not ready to purchase converted to sales? 76% of companies that implement marketing automation generate a return on their investment within the first year? 74% Of Companies That Use Both Marketing Automation And a CRM Reported Aligned Sales And Marketing Teams? 91% of marketing automation users agree it is “very important” to the overall success of their online marketing activities? 92% of B2B marketers now have an ABM program. Businesses That Have Implemented Marketing Automation Reduce Customer Churn By 43% Over Businesses That Don’t Automate.

Why businesses must scale up from Email Services (ESP) to Marketing Automation?

Usage of modern technology to scale up a business is not a new story anymore. But with access to marketing automation you can square your business growth by...
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Clean Data: Better Email Deliverability

Data is at the foundation of email deliverability because it helps you maintain a strong email reputation. By managing and updating your email addresses frequently throughout the year, you can ensure...
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How to successfully implement a Marketing Automation system?

While you are embarking on a new journey from identifying the most suitable marketing automation platform, evaluating system capabilities, and choosing the right one, your job may be half done...
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