Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion Rate with Omnichannel Marketing Automation Strategy

Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion Rate
with Omnichannel Marketing Automation Strategy

From customer acquisition to customer retention, we at Success Stars are determined to empower you to deeply engage with your customers and deliver maximum business results that both grow your brand as well as immensely satisfy your customers. With ActiveCampaign, we offer you top-notch services in terms of email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and Sales Automation tools that your business needs to automate your marketing across channels and create incredible customer experiences.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Be super precise in attracting your target audience and expand your customer base. Your customer’s experience greatly impacts your business, so we help you best emulate and focus on your target audience’s preferences and the type of relevant and relatable content they’d want to see.

  • Ecommerce
  • Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Segmentation
  • Subscription Forms
  • Site Tracking
  • Deliverability

Develop Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

We know how overwhelming it can be to build lead nurturing strategies. The first step is to nurture and lead your audience about your products and services. This is where we come in. See below to see how we’ll assist and support you through this process.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Messaging & Text (SMS)
  • Automation Map
  • Automation Goals
  • Dynamic Content
  • Event Tracking
  • Facebook Custom Audiences

Convert Leads into Customers

So, you’ve got new leads. But it doesn’t stop here. In fact, this is only the beginning of the customer journey. Now, you’ve got to focus on turning these leads into customers. We help you provide your potential customers with well-timed call-to-action to encourage your audience to take the desired next step with you.

  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Contact & Lead Scoring
  • Pipelines
  • Win Probability
  • Split Action
  • Attribution
  • Salesforce App

Boost Customer Retention

We understand that consistently satisfying your customers can be challenging. You think you’ve fulfilled their needs but there are always new trends and technology emerging.  So, map out an effective customer journey with us to gain a deep understanding of what your customers want and when.

  • Conversations & Chat
  • Loyalty
  • Split Testing
  • Predictive Sending
  • Predictive Content
  • Site Messages
  • Web Personalization

Make your customers love you and build customer loyalty across various channels

Active Campaign Omni Channel Marketing Automation

Personalized Email Marketing

Track and use personal information of your audience to send more targeted emails.

Powerful Marketing Automation

Get advanced marketing automation tools and tailored services to save time and resources.

CRM & Sales Automation

Do away with manual, time-consuming sales and automate sales tasks to accelerate your sales process and efficiency.

Transactional Emails

With a powerful API, we help you send the right emails at the right time when your customers trigger a transactional event.

Email Marketing: Increase customer engagement & retention

We help impactful brands build sustainable growth with brilliant, personalized emails

Well-timed automation emails

We develop and trigger action-based, automated emails to engage your customers and drive sales. With us, your email marketing is in safe hands as we have proven deliverability. We use a data-centric approach to deliver emails at the right time, scheduled perfecty so that your audience will notice and open your emails.

Perfectly personalized emails

Email personalization is tremendously powerful in connecting with your audience. Your customers shouldn’t feel too much like they’re being sold to. Simply focus on delivering incredibly targeted and relevant email campaigns to your prospects and customers as per their preferences. This way, your emails feel more personal and are more likely to encourage engagement.

Automated email responses

We help you design automated email responses to follow up with and also nurture your customers. Engage with your customers consistently and automatically and be intentional in your email sequences to build trust and nurture customer loyalty.

Multi-user editing Edit campaigns together with your team.
Revision History Store all your edits in case you need an older email.
Managed deliverability Have deliverability taken care of, so you reach as many people as possible.
Integrations Connect your email marketing service to your favorite apps.
Conditional Content Show different content to different contacts based on certain conditions.
Mobile optimized Make emails look as good on mobile as they do on desktop.
Link actions Add tags, get notifications, and create deals, the second an email link is clicked.
Custom data Use custom fields to collect the contact information that matters to you most.
Geotracking Automatically capture your contacts' locations for geotargeted campaigns.
Audience segmentation Divide your contacts into different groups based on certain criteria such as demographics, product usage, media use, etc.
Free image hosting Upload unlimited images for your campaigns.
Site tracking Connect your email marketing to your contacts' behaviors on your website.
Personalization Personalize each email based on what you know about each contact.
Social sharing Track your campaigns’ viral spread on popular social media sites.
Analytics Track what contacts do after they click through to your site through our Google Analytics integration.

Marketing Automation

Optimize customer experiences with Marketing Automation

Segmentation to send smarter emails to the right people at the right time

With advanced segmentation tools, you can easily organize contacts into segments and subgroups and send personalized emails they’ll be compelled to open. So, segmenting your automated email program to target specific groups based on location, business size, stage in the customer journey, and more is a great way to personalize your emails and send relevant emails to your prospects. When you automate your segments, you can deliver personalized follow-up emails, A/B test flows, and increase the efficiency of your drip campaigns.

Automate your customer lifecycle

Before you automate your marketing process, and evaluate any automation tools, we suggest you first place focus on getting a bird’s eye view of your business and all your automations. By doing so, you’ll be able to map the different stages of how your customers interact with your products and services and choose a specific marketing funnel, after which you can define and map out your customer lifecycle.

Site tracking What do people do on your website? Connect your CMS tool to track actions on your site, then follow up with triggered messages.
Sign-up forms Collect email addresses, segment your audience, and trigger automations with custom forms and landing pages.
Migration Services We’ll migrate your automations, email templates, sign-up forms, and contacts to ActiveCampaign for free.
Goal tracking Track goal analytics and conversions to see what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing.
Advanced reporting Figure out which marketing campaign automation gets results. Use performance and custom reports to find ways to grow.
Attribution Track the entire customer lifecycle to see where your customers come from.
Split action Find your top performing automations by A/B testing your automations and email funnels against each other.
Lead scoring Find your most engaged contacts and nurture leads to offer them exactly what they want.
Notification Emails Let automation nurture your leads, then notify you and automate task assignment at the perfect moment to follow up.

Sales CRM

Improve your sales efficiency and productivity with CRM

Contact management ensures you make every sales contact count

With automated contact management, you can store, organize, and track information about your prospects, customers, and sales leads. Contact management allows you to make entries for your contacts, and this can include information such as name, email address, phone number or company. With automated contact management tools, this information is then organized in such a way that you’ll be able to easily locate these entries again as and when needed, say, before a meeting with a customer, thus ensuring a higher chance of a successful interaction.

Lead scoring to hone in on ideal buyers

With lead scoring, we help you identify which of your contacts are most likely to invest in your products and services based on their interaction with your marketing campaign. Each lead gets more sales consideration when they perform certain activities such as opening emails, visiting your website and downloading resources. With this, we’re determined to help you pinpoint which leads will be your highest priority and also save time so that sales reps do not waste effort on leads that are not likely to convert.

Integrate your CRM with email

We urge you not to be one of those businesses that don’t make use of the incredible opportunity to get the best ROI by using their CRM and email marketing together! Email integration for your CRM is a must if you want to bank on substantial sales as it gives you a solid grasp on the customer journey. With this feature, we support you in managing your leads from your inbox and sending emails from your CRM to save time and increase revenue.

Sales reporting Track the performance of individual members of your team and your sales funnel.
Win probability See how likely you are to close each deal, so you can focus your time where it makes a difference.
Marketing automation Automate your sales funnel. Create nurture campaigns for the deals that aren’t quite ready to close.
Segmentation Make sure you know who you’re talking to. Automatically segment your leads based on the actions they take.
Lead scoring Find leads most engaged with your business and content. Add scores to overall deals and individual contacts.
Notification emails Notify your sales team when it’s time to follow up. Add notifications from within sales automations and nurture campaigns.
Automated deal updates Automatically update deal owners, deal stage, deals won or lost, and deal value.
Task assignment Assign tasks to individual sales people, either manually or within automations.
Note creation Take notes directly within each deal and contact record, so that your whole sales team is on the same page.

Customer Marketing

Analyze customer behaviors and regularly update strategies to improve customer experience

Personalize your customer service

Ensure that you have the relevant information about a customer’s history of interaction with your business before you engage with that customer over chat or email. By doing so, you can note what problems or questions they’ve had in the past and accordingly, you can predict their needs.

Identify & reward repeat customers

Inspire customer loyalty by giving special attention to repeat customers. You can offer incentives or special deals to your best customers, provide free gifts in the case of multiple purchases, or even give your customers a free treat with birthday surprises! These proven strategies are a surefire way to amp up your customer experience and grow your customer base into a strong, loyal community.

Track customer interactions and behaviors

Need to get a firm grasp on your customers’ prefrences to provide an incredible customer experience? We’re there supporting you every step of the way! We help you track past email clicks, purchases, and live chats across our ActiveCampaign platform to get a deep understanding of what delights your best customers.

Prevent bad customer experiences

With lead scoring, engagement tagging, and pipeline automation, you can easily track customer health and get a sense of how a customer is engaging with your company. If you spot anything that triggers concern, you can immediately step in to offer support and fix the issue. Pay attention to customer feedback, and identify when customers are likely to have a subpar experience, leave a bad review, and more.

Support your customers wherever, whenever

We understand that a customer’s trust is everything for good business. So, we’re focused on building a solid customer service that never fails to deliver throughout every stage of the customer journey. We go beyond traditional support channels and leverage the latest in chatbot automations, multi-channel support, and nurturing email workflows to provide the best customer service experience.

Multi-channel support Pick up conversations via web chat, email, or Facebook Messenger.
Site & event tracking See exactly what your customers are doing in your app and on your website.
Flexible pipeline Create the pipeline stages and customer health metrics that make sense for your business.
Chatbot automations Automate messages, collect data, and pre-qualify leads — even if you’re offline.
Native integrations Bring data in from 300+ apps to inform your customer service processes.
Team collaboration Tag a teammate or assign ownership to bring them into a conversation and stay on the same page.
Automated tasks Create tasks in response to key events and assign them to a team member.
Automated workflows Use triggers, actions, and logic to automate outreach based on contact actions.
Consolidated records Keep track of all customer information in a single contact record.