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We are a one-stop shop for all your marketing automation requirements. We understand how important a unique and distinctive brand is to stand out in today’s online space.

As such, we are highly growth oriented, and constantly looking to expand and scale to provide out-of-the-box solutions for your business. Listed below are our services designed to best complement the growth of your business.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing Automation Strategy

Our specialty is in developing a successful marketing automation strategy for startups and SMEs. Save time and resources on marketing campaigns, identify target audience’s preferences, generate leads, nurture leads, and enhance customer experience to increase revenue.

Improve your sales efficiency and productivity with CRM

Act-On Software Services

We support you with a wide range of Act-On software services. Improve your marketing and sales alignment, streamline your marketing efforts, boost customer retention and automate the customer journey to delight your customers at every stage.

Automated email responses

ActiveCampaign Consulting

With our ActiveCampaign consulting services, we develop a seamless marketing automation solution that integrates powerful email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation in one platform. Automate, customer experience, design landing pages, manage leads, set up CRM, and integrate with third party apps with us.

Automate and Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Act-On Software

Enhance and automate the customer journey with Act-On’s automated marketing journey tools, boost customer retention with lifecycle marketing automation tools, and improve data management with data automation tools.

Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion Rate with Omnichannel Marketing Automation Strategy


We understand that customer experience can make or break a business. So, we hugely prioritize creating an amazing customer experience. We help you with email marketing, CRM and sales automation tools to automate your marketing across various channels.


We make sure to also perform research on your target audience and market.


Our SEO strategy works- we know how to break through the competitive market and drive organic growth. We analyze and audit your business’s current state and craft an SEO strategy to optimize your sales funnel. We perform competition research, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO services, link building and SEO content writing to rank your business at the top, capture target audience and convert leads.

Social Media Optimization Important for Business?


We deploy proven strategies to increase your brand’s visibility on social media platforms and boost customer engagement. We merge creativity and data together, use sophisticated tools and integrated SMO strategy across multiple social channels to put your brand in front of your target audience, build brand awareness, grow a community, and drive conversions.

Pay Per Click Services Help You Grow Your Business?

PPC (Pay Per Click)

With Success Stars’ PPC management services, you’ll boost your brand awareness via paid distribution channels. We create exposure for your business with paid search advertising through different platforms such as Google AdWords PPC, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn ads, localized campaigns, and more. We develop a seamless PPC strategy with optimized ad copy, keywords, and landing pages with a clear call to action to boost conversion rates and maximize your ROI.

We Hope to Achieve With Our Content Marketing Services?

Content Marketing

Our team of experts will craft an impactful content marketing strategy to tell your brand’s unique story. We will analyze, audit and refine your content to boost customer engagement. We deploy content marketing tactics such as SEO, CMS implementation, competitor analysis, evergreen content, video content, blog posts, content tracking and insights to grab your target audience’s interest, engage them throughout their customer journey, and increase conversion rates.


We at Success Stars, are a team of dedicated professionals offering quality consultancy for the success of your website.

Web & App Development

We understand that developing a website is a complex process, so we ensure that all the right components are integrated with our expert web development services. We make your site appealing, deliver UI/UX design, incorporate the best elements to generate conversions, and support you with technical expertise to maintain your website’s long-term functionality.

Importance of Website Redesign

CMS & Dynamic Website

Create powerful customer experience with Success Stars’ amazing content management capabilities. We build responsive sites, deliver personalized and relevant content, and make it easy for clients without technical knowledge to smoothly navigate and manage content. With our CMS & Dynamic Website development, you can improve site maintenance, add or delete pages, simplify content scheduling, get multiple customization options and incorporate SEO optimization.

How Success Stars Can Help You Redesign Your Website

Re-Design & Development

Build a website redesign strategy that attracts and converts site visitors with Success Stars. WE help you update, refine and refresh your website, its structure, content, format, and navigation to boost performance and convert more visitors. We try to understand your website redesign goals, perform competition analysis, content audit, responsive design, UX design, SEO strategy, conversion optimization, analytics and insights, and more to revamp your entire website.

We at Success Stars, are a team of dedicated professionals offering quality consultancy for the success of your website. We understand your concerns over showcasing your business through a website.

App Development

Our team at Success Stars specializes in developing a robust and multi-functional application. We help you solidify your brand with a strong mobile app identity so you can better compete in the market. With our app development services, you can get custom app development, push app notifications to promote campaigns, monetize traffic, and boost brand loyalty.

Looking for Traditional Marketing? That’s not us. Develop Your Marketing Automation Strategy with Us!

We help you minimize manual marketing and unlock your unique growth areas and put them into action with automation strategies that save time on marketing campaigns, boost business growth and maximize revenue.

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